Strength Training Exercises for Pectorals-3

Execution of the exercise
Starting position lying on the bench declining 30 ° C, legs bent and feet blocked to avoid slipping. You start outstretched arms with two dumbbells in hand taken in pronation. Flex your arms and lower the dumbbells towards the side of the chest, keeping your elbows pointing outwards. Return to the starting position.
Inhale when descending the dumbbells and exhale when you have passed the tricky point by returning to the starting position. Blocking the breathing in the low position stabilizes the bust.
Safety instructions
Do not use the bar to perform this weight training if you do not have a partner and support. A partner is essential when working with a bar because it is likely to get stuck and choke under the weight. The alternative is to use dumbbells because they can be safely rested on the ground. The Smith machine can do the trick.
The low position of the head and inclined bench causes blood to rise to the head. Take a few steps between sets and avoid long sets on this exercise.
You can do this weight training with two dumbbells, at the bar or on machines
Purpose of the exercise
Dips or repulsions on parallel bars is a basic, poly-articular exercise that allows you to work the whole bust. If this exercise is too difficult or impossible to do, you can start with the dips between two banks. Once the exercise is under control, move to parallel bars with body weight. Later, you can even hang a ballast around the waist to add further difficulty to the exercise.
Targeted muscles
It requires the pectorals, the anterior deltoid, triceps, back (dorsal), trapezius, abdominal and many others. It’s the squat of the upper body!
Execution of the exercise
Starting position between parallel bars about 60 cm apart, knees bent and torso leaning forward. Descend until the arms are parallel to the ground, then return to the starting position without locking the joints.
Inhale during the descent and exhale as you return to the starting position.
Safety instructions :
Go down gently, smoothly, as low as your flexibility allows but without exaggeration, because it stresses the shoulder joint. Reassemble when your arms are parallel to the floor. Your feet should not touch the ground; just bend your legs if you are too low. Pains in the middle of the chest, which can occur during dips, come from the sternum and are very common among young people whose growth is not over.
If you do not have equipment to perform this weight training, well we will find you! It is possible to make dips:
• With two chairs, by putting two towels on the uprights so as not to hurt hands during the series. You can put cast iron washers on the seats for added stability.
• A bar rest or dipspot like the PT800. The RBR bar rest at Decathlon can also be used to make dips for the squat.
• With trestles that can be adjusted in height. You will find in Castorama for some euros (Tretix). They can also serve as a barbell for squats and other exercises.
• Between two tables, if they are at the same height. Otherwise, use a directory or dictionary to adjust.
• A balcony corner will also do the trick. It is with the dips on my balcony that I have the best feelings.
For weighted dips, sensations and muscular work will be different depending on where we place the ballast. You can place the load at the waist, hung on the feet or around the neck. The more you are leaning forward, the more work will be done on the chest. If the bust remains vertical, it will mainly solicit triceps. In both cases the anterior deltoid (before the shoulders) will be very busy.
 The dips between two banks are a good choice for the beginner unable to perform a single repetition of classic dips. It was my case when I started bodybuilding.
You can also adjust the difficulty by varying the height of the support for the feet.
We start with the feet on the ground, and we increase the difficulty by placing the feet higher. You can also weight this exercise by putting discs on the thighs, but you need a partner to put and remove the discs between sets.
Purpose of the exercise
This bodybuilding exercise is an exercise in isolation for the pecs. A machine is used with two high pulleys connected to two handles. The intervention of the shoulder in the movement is reduced and that of triceps null.
Generally this exercise is used to congest the pecs and is more

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